Sunday, 15 October 2017

Discovery reflection

In term 3 I have been working on a song with Tiffany at discovery.  This has been my favourite activity while we have been doing discovery. Once we had finished our song we've been working on a dance that we will carry on into term 4.

While we've been doing this I have learnt that we need to include each other's ideas and be patient when it comes to thinking.  I have been challenged by recording our song on garageband because Tiffany and I kept laughing.  I have overcome this by using strategies like thinking of something sad or looking away.

My focus in term 3 was to take time to achieve a good result. In the end I found it easier by taking my time because it made our song better and our dance look more professional.

In term 4 I am looking forward to carry on with our dance and performing it to the class.

Here is a photo that we took of us doing our dance….

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