Sunday, 28 May 2017

High Ropes😍

As I wait silently for my group to be called to go to high ropes, I think to myself, what will it be like?  Will it be nerve wracking? Scary? Exciting?  Then I hear group two called, that's my group.   

We're on our way to the shed to get our harness and helmet. Once we have got our harness and helmet on  the person who was leading it takes us through what we need to do.  

It's Daisy's turn to climb and I’m on the belaying  job. I’m slightly nervous but mainly excited, especially because it's my turn next.  As I get distracted because of noises around me, I see Daisy just about to touch the ground.  I feel like a jug just about to boil because I’m so hot with nerves. Anyway, when it is just about my go I ask Tiffany if it is hard. 

Ok I'm on the fifth step and I'm loving it, I’m so happy I gave it a go. But the next step is so tall it is nearly taller than me, but I still manage to climb it. Before I look I know I have made it to the top, I take a deep breath in and say “Yahoo.” 

I wondered what activity was going to be next and would it be as fun as high ropes?

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