Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Graffiti art

Who here has seen graffiti art?  Not the good kind, the bad kind? 
Don’t you think people who do graffiti are kind of wasting their time because it’s just scribbles of their name which look messy and ugly.  It isn't anything really cool or nice to look at. It is also a waste of money.  Instead of scribbling their name they could be doing a nice painting or a cool piece of art instead.

I think graffiti should stop because it is just like scribbling  your name on a piece of paper. Why do people think they should scribble their name on someone else’s wall or fence?  Sometimes I think some people are just doing it to be a show-off in front of their friends. It is also bad because it teaches kids bad things. They might look at it and think it's a fun thing to do.  It makes our neighbourhood and city look ugly. 

Most of the bad graffiti I've seen is on walls that lead to parks or on broken-up buildings from the earthquakes.  The broken-up buildings look ugly enough without being covered by graffiti! I also saw a train go past one morning that was covered in gross scribbly graffiti. Did you also know that the scribbling kind of graffiti is illegal?  And it is a waste of money for the people who do it and for the city council.  It is a waste of money because the graffiti artist has to buy all the stuff such as the spray paint and the council has to buy paint to paint over the ugly graffiti.

Some graffiti or street artists are really good and make interesting and beautiful paintings.   Sometimes when I go past one of the good graffiti paintings it makes me stare and think that the person who did it worked really hard. If everyone did good graffiti our city would look a lot nicer and the council wouldn’t need to waste money covering it up.

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  1. I love your blog and I can see that you have taken your time.